Bibliography of Music for Oboe/English horn and Choir
This Bibliography lists music written since 1800 for oboe/English horn and choir.  A few works from the Baroque and Classical period are listed, but the primary focus is on more recent music.   A searchable database is not possible on this web site, therefore, four lists have been organized to provide easy access to approximately 360 works.  The first choice is organized by:                
The second choice is organized alphabetically by:  
                                                        Titles-- Composer/arranger--Publisher.  
The third choice is organized by:
                                                        Voices--Titles .  
The fourth choice is organized by:
                                                        Titles-Oboe Annotations
Simply click on any of the four  choices to search by Instrumentation, Title, Voice classification, or Oboe Annotations.        
Only works for oboe as a solo instrument are included.  Oboe with keyboard, or organ, or guitar, or strings in place of keyboard, qualify for inclusion.  Oboe with percussion, or one other wind instrument is also included.  If oboe or English horn is the primary instrument with choir, the work is included.
Publishers are constantly changing.  The publishers listed appear on the original copy.  You may have to research the work to find the current publisher.  
Intended additions at a future date will include vocal and instrumental annotations concerning difficulty and ranges.
The Bibliography is a product of the research of Sondra and Kermit Peters.  Materials were researched at the Library of Congress thanks to a grant from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Thanks also to David Held and Charles Ore, faculty members at Concordia College in Seward, Nebraska, for allowing research in the choral library there.  Many performances with the Pacific Hills Lutheran Church Choir and its director, Charles Ore, in Omaha, Nebraska provided an outstanding opportunity to experience many of the works included in the Bibliography.  Finally, Z. Randall Stroope and Cina Crisara, choral directors at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, programmed many performances of these works during our years in Omaha.
A Bibliography is rarely ever finished.  Approximately 100 new works are currently being reviewed and will be included in the future, along with annotations for chorus and oboe.  Continue to open the web site for updates.      
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