Accept These Gifts                                More suitable for oboe than flute.  Easy, but an extensive part.
Agnus Dei                                               The oboe part is minimal requiring only 13 measures of
                                                                 performance.  The part is easy and tends to blend into the
                                                                 texture of the voices.
Alas! And Did My Saviour Bleed        A very effective modal introduction for oboe in an easy register.
                                                                Oboe is used between phrases of the chorus, always in similar
                                                                 modal melodic material.  A haunting part, capturing the style
                                                                 of music from "Sacred Harp."
All He Can Be                                       Moderately difficult, especially with a high e'’.  A lyrical part in
                                                                 a contemporary style.  Interesting to play.
All The Days of My Life                        This work features easy, lyrical writing for the oboe.  The part
                                                                 is written in an expressive register, allowing the player to feel
                                                                 very comfortable.
All The Pretty Little Horses                A nice, easy melody for oboe.
Alleluia                                                  Oboe joins an cappella choral opening with easy descant.  Oboe
                                                                continues as keyboard enters with an augmented version of the
Amazing Grace                                     Easy, lyrical melody and countermelody.
And His Gifts                                        Awkward key for oboe.  Many low db's, particularly at phrase
And Still The Bread is Broken             Solo oboe introduction and ending incorporating similar
                                                                 melodic material.  An easy part for oboe, both in range and
                                                                 technical requirements.
And The Lord Promised (Cantata)     This is an ambitious work featuring many chromatic passages
                                                                 between oboe and bassoon.  Included are cadenzas for both
                                                                 instruments.  In manuscript without parts.
Apollonhoz                                              This  is a chant-like work with measures varying from 6 eighths
                                                                  per measure to 12 eighths per measure.  The English horn/oboe
                                                                  & organ simply double the unison choir throughout.  With the
                                                                  changing measure designations, this could be an ensemble
Arjuna On The Battlefield                     Both high register requirements and intricate rhythms make this
                                                                  a challenging work for English horn.  In addition, the English
                                                                  horn plays continuously in the absence of keyboard or other
                                                                  accompanying instrument.  
As Falls The Sun In Twilight                Solo oboe begins and ends this work.  The part is quite easy in a
                 (Stewart)                                 good register with easy rhythms.  The oboe part stresses counter
                                                                  melodies and descant throughout the body of the work.
As Falls The Sun In Twilight               The key of Gb and range to high f’’ present a challenge in this
               (Jennings)                                score.  Some technical and rhythmic intricacies will require
                                                                 rehearsal to coordinate with the singers, since oboe is the only
                                                                accompanying instrument.  This is an ambitious but worthy work.
At The Corner Of The Sky                   Very difficult for flute and oboe.  Contemporary wind techniques
                                                                 in a non-metrical setting.  Includes difficult technical passages,
                                                                 solo and in ensemble.  A very challenging work.
Away In A Manger                                The oboe obligato in the last half is nicely written against the
                                                                 unison melody.  The opening for oboe, however, is quite low with
                                                                 some awkward fingerings in the key of Ab.  Low Bb for oboe is
                                                                 quite low for melodic writing.
B’Tal’Lei Orah                                     The opening provides a unique opportunity to interpret the solo
                                                                 part in the style of chant, with groups of 5, 6, and 4.  The
                                                                remainder of the work includes lyrical countermelodies to the
                                                                choir parts.  No indication is given about the availability of a
                                                                separate oboe part.  Playing from the vocal score would be
                                                                difficult because of inopportune page turns.
Baloo Lammy                                        Oboe part moves in quicker rhythms against vocal parts.
                                                                Mixolydian mode is employed.  One segment is moderately high in
Banks O’Doon, The                              An awkward key for oboe; however, the part plays well for an
                                                                experienced player.
Barbara Allen                                        Legato part in dotted eighths, sixteenths, and quarters.
                                                                Technically easy.  Nice opportunity for stylistic interpretation.
                                                                 Many flats at times.  Part requires sensitivity.
Basket                                                     Beautifully idiomatic for the oboe.  Cadenza-like.  A wonderful
                                                                expressive opportunity for the oboist.
Be Still, My Soul                                    Begins with solo oboe and continues with solo against the vocal
                                                                 unison.  The part is easy, except for the pre-conceived rhythmic
                                                                 motion of this melody.  Some melodic and rhythmic variation
                                                                 occurs later in the score.
Be Thou My Vision                               This is excellent writing for oboe and men's chorus.  The oboe
                                                                 opens and closes the work with similar melodic material;
                                                                 material which is also used between verses.  Phrase extensions
                                                                 and performance with the chorus are very musical.
Beatitudes, The                                      Interesting ensemble with viola. Wide sonorities result due to
                                                                 ranges. Technique not difficult.  Changing meters provide
Before The Paling Of The Stars           The oboe part is written in a very easy register.  Oboe begins and
                                                                 ends the work, and provides a lyrical countermelody to the choir
                                                                 throughout the center section.
Before The World Began                      The lyrical qualities of this part would benefit from some slurs,
                                                                 especially as the part reaches high eb’’.  Although scored for
                                                                 oboe, flute may also be a practical choice, since the tessitura is
                                                                 quite high.
Blessed Are The Poor                            Basically, the oboe has a countermelody throughout the work.
                                                                 Unpepared chromatic tones appear regularly in the oboe part
                                                                 requiring some dynamic sensitivity from the oboist.  
Blessed Be The Lord                              Solo oboe begins this work with a melody which alternates first
                                                                 with women and later with men.  A similar melody is played
                                                                 counter to the chorus through the middle of the work with the
                                                                 original melody occuring again at the end.  Some meter changes
                                                                 lend an interesting aspect to this lyrical part.
Blessing, The                                           The introduction and ending are scored in an excellent range for
                                                                  solo oboe.  The writing is musically satisfying and compliments
                                                                  the choral parts.  As the composer suggests, "another C
                                                                  instrument may be used but oboe is strongly recommended."
Blest Be God                                           The oboe part is not difficult, until the 32nd note groups which
                                                                  appear in five measures near the end of this work.  As written,
                                                                  they should be articulated, while in  practicality, they would
                                                                  probably be slurred.  The flowing 6/8 meter provides a nice basis
                                                                  for the lyrical oboe countermelody.
Canticle of The Redeemed                    Ordering the separate oboe part would be essential if performing
                                                                 the work.  Playing from the score would be rather difficult.  Good
                                                                 control will be required with a decrescendo to piano on a high
                                                                 c#’’ at the conclusion.
Carol of The Newborn King                This moderately easy work consists mostly of phrase extension
                                                                 and short counter melodies for oboe.  Even though the range
                                                                 includes c#" and d", the part is still quite easy.
Catalonian Carol                                   Excellent writing for oboe in both lyrical and articulated styles.
                                                                 Effective meter changes.
Child Said, A                                         This is an interesting part, allowing for much interpretation by
                                                                 the oboist.  Throughout there are rhapsodic opportunities for
                                                                 solo oboe, always in a reasonable register.  A separate part for
                                                                 oboe is not mentioned in the score.  It would be difficult for the
                                                                 oboist to perform this piece from the choral score because of page
Choirs of Herald Angels Singing          ntroductory eighth note motive is used throughout and is the
                                                                 basis for the descant.  Easy range and rhythms.
Choral Fantasy on A Christmas          Written in quarter-eighth note triplets, rather than the customary
        Hymn From Heaven Above         jazz dotted rhythms (played in swing style). Unusual style for
Choral Suite; For Female Chorus      The oboe writing in this unique piece is independent of the voices
                                                                and independent of the strings.  It would be a pleasure to be
                                                                involved in a performance of this work with strings and female
                                                               chorus.  Unfortunately, the oboe part progresses below the range
                                                               to a low A.  Some adjustment would certainly rectify this situation.  
Christ Be Beside Me                            After reaching high d” near the middle of the work, a change of
                                                                key continues in Ab major.  The key of Ab is less comfortable
                                                                than G, but still provides a lyrical opportunity for the oboist.  The
                                                                oboe part is not apparent in the score, nor are clearly marked
                                                                meter changes.  
Christ Be My Leader                            Basically interludes, in an easy range until the last chorus, when
                                                                "St. Columbia", an Irish hymn, is played against the main theme.
Christ Be Our Seed                               The fairly lengthy introduction for oboe is written in a very easy
                                                                 register, allowing for expressive playing.  The part would benefit
                                                                 from slurs, rather than articulation of each note.
Christ Is In This Place                           Oboe and cello with organ provide a fine instrumental
                                                                  combination in this work.  Some imitation occurs between oboe
                                                                  and cello with both in comfortable registers in the key of E
                                                                  major.  Instrumental parts are printed back to back requiring
                                                                  two copies to perform this work.
Christ Is The Day                                   The majority of the oboe part is very playable.  One turn to the
                                                                  key of Gb and an unexpected high e” will present a challenge for
                                                                  the oboist.  The part is marked legato, but contains few slurs.
                                                                  The player may wish to provide slurs for a more legato
                                                                   performance of this 9/8 work.
Christ Our Master                                  The key of Ab, with its cross fingerings, may present the most
                                                                   difficult part of this work.  The oboe begins by doubling the
                                                                   organ and continues by doubling the unison women.  The only
                                                                   area where the oboe is not doubling the organ or voices is in the
                                                                   last 10 measures.  The oboe melody progresses through low Bb,
                                                                   perhaps the least attractive note on the oboe.  
Christ Upon The Mountain Peak          The oboe part consists of D major scales with an occasional G#.
                                                                  The music indicates every note to be articulated, while slurring
                                                                  might be more appropriate.  Flute could be a better choice with
                                                                  the last note  a high  d#’’.
Christ, Our Light, Our Radiance,        An easy repetition of the basic hymn three times, introduction
              True, O                                       plus two verses.
Christmas                                                Effective use of the oboe as solo and countermelody to chorus.
                                                                 An easy part.
Christmas Cantata                                This appears to be a very interesting work for oboe and strings.
                                                                 Unfortunately,  the only way to see the oboe part is to rent this 35
                                                                 minute work.
Christmas Eve                                       The fingering combinations and interpretation require a mature
                                                                 player.  One cadenza-like passage occurs near the middle of the
Christmas Fantasy, A                            One of very few works featuring trumpet and oboe with chorus.
                                                                 The oboe part is quite soloistic while the trumpet has longer note
                                                                 values.  Some rhythmic complexity for oboe.
Christmas Pastorale, A                          Easy, lyrical descant throughout.
Christmas Prayer                                   Very easy, playable by young student oboist.
Come Follow Me                                     Beautifully conceived countermelody for oboe as introduction
                                                                  and accompaniment to chorus.  
Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel, Oh         Oboe has attractive countermelody in the 3rd and 5th verse.
               (Schalk)                                     The range is appropriate for oboe.
Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel, Oh          High tessitura, appropriate for flute.  Also good for oboe, but
               (Shakarian)                                more demanding in range.  The second half contains a lyrical
Come, Ye Disconsolate                             Easy doubling of keyboard or sopranos.  Good range.
Come, Ye Sinners                                     Oboe plays countermelody throughout.  The part is relatively
                                                                    easy ending on high c’’.
Come, You Faithful, Raise The               Oboe used in verse 4 as countermelody and in verse 5 as
                 Strain                                        descant with sopranos.  Complete instrumentation should be
                                                                    used sincthe organ does not double the strings.
Come, Your Hearts And Voices             6/8 segment in G is quite easy and pastoral in style.  Ab section
                  Raising                                     is also pastoral, but a little more difficult in this key.
Comfort Ye, My People                           Easy, repetitious four measure obligato.
Covenance                                                 Wide lyrical range under slurs.  (Duet with bassoon can be
                                                                    played on organ).  Technically easy.  A challenge to play, due to
                                                                    the tonality.
Coventry Carol, The                                 Basically an easy part until the middle section, when flats and
                                                                     cross fingerings are required.  The ending is again quite easy.
Creator, God of Glory, O                          Either trumpet  or oboe is suggested.  While the range and
                                                                     writing are appropriate for either, the nature of the piece
                                                                     would suggest trumpet as a better choice.  The included part is
                                                                     for Bb trumpet.
Crowded Inn at Bethlehem, A                  Oboe enters in canon to the unison choir.  The oboe has
                                                                     descant for the remainder of the arrangement.  Modest
                                                                     changing rhythmic figures occur throughout.
D’ou Vien-Tu, Bergere?                            This piece features four key changes, with the middle section in
                                                                     six flats.  While the oboe part is easy, the section in six flats
                                                                     requires some preparation.  The part ends on a soft high c#’’.
Darkness Is Gone                                       The oboe part should be for flute.  High f’’ is frequent with
                                                                     many phrases ending on this note. Verse 5, Interlude, and verse
                                                                     6 are continuous for oboe, ending on the high f’’.
Dawn Of A  Christmas Day                     This rather lengthy work is unique in that the only
                                                                     accompaniment is English horn.  With the exception of one
                                                                     high c#’’, the part is very idiomatic.  One short cadenza is
                                                                     included.  This would be fun for an English horn player.
Dear Christians One And All, Rejoice    Easy melody and descant.
Debt Of Love, A                                        The oboist plays a total of 12 measures in three measure
                                                                    segments which repeat.
Do Not I Love Thee, O My Lord              Repeating melody in an easy register.  Effective part for oboe.
Do You Remember, Springfield?             Piano & oboe or harp & oboe are prominent throughout this
                                                                     116 measure work.  The oboe part is nearly continuous,
                                                                     beginning in the key of Ab, modulating to G, and back to Ab.
                                                                    Well written for oboe.
Don’t Be Weary, Traveler                        Begins with principal theme in oboe with piano.  Thereafter the
                                                                     oboe functions as a descant, but ends the work as solo. An
                                                                     effective work beautifully written for the oboe.
Dream Tree, The                                       The oboe and bell are on the same part.  The piano/choral score
                                                                     indicates +oboe and -oboe without showing what is being
                                                                     played.  With a fairly extensive oboe part, this could make
                                                                     performance somewhat difficult.  The oboe part is in a good
Drop, Slow Tears                                       Oboe, strings, and harpsichord emulate falling tears in slow,
                                                                     staccato (pizzicato) descending arpeggios.  Interesting timbres.
Earthsongs                                                 The oboe part begins on low B and proceeds in the key of E
                                                                     major.  Oboe plays in I. & III.  The part is interesting and
                                                                     nicely scored for oboe.
Elusive Quest                                              Interesting sixteenth note passages with one sharp and four
                                                                     sharps.  A minimal amount of playing, but with unique
Enfolding, The                                           Two dotted eighths following each other seem strange until one
                                                                     realizes the 6/8 meter and the choral part.  An easy part with a
                                                                     few augmented intervals.
Er Kommt!                                                 Oboe appears in 1,3,5, & 7.  In each case it serves in
                                                                     counterpoint to viola and cello, providing the texture of the
                                                                    piece.  Range and technique are moderately easy.
Farewell To Alleluia                                 This is a simple hymn statement in quarter and half notes in an
                                                                     easy register.  Oboe plays the opening, verses two and four and
                                                                     the ending.  The oboe part must be ordered separately.
Father, I Stretch My Hands To Thee      Oboe begins the work and serves as the only accompaniment to
                                                                     sopranos and altos throughout.  Although the part is easy, it
                                                                     could be tiring, since very few rests occur.
Forget Not What God Has Done             The choice of English horn places the part in an excellent
                                                                    register.  While cello may serve as a substitute,  the English
                                                                    horn would be far superior.
Frohoich Wir Nun All’Fangen An         The oboe appears in the second movement of this three
                                                                    movement work.  Although only 25 measures in length, the
                                                                    technique in the last nine measures is worth the performance.
From Quiet Winter Skies                        This ten minute work provides a nice opportunity for flute and
                                                                    oboe ensemble.  The parts are nicely written , frequently in
                                                                    thirds and octaves.  Ranges are very reasonable for both.  Parts
                                                                    must be ordered.
From Starry Skies Thou Comest            Although violin is listed as possible soloist, the oboe would have
                                                                     better carrying power in this register.  Some solo sections and
                                                                     sixteenth note passages provide an interesting instrumental
From The Hills Of Dream                        Lyrical, pastoral oboe part in a modal, impressionistic style.
                                                                    Presents the same theme in different key centers throughout.
                                                                    Effective scoring for oboe.
Geburt Christi, Die Op 90                        Oboe used in sections 23,24,26,30, & 33.   No. 26, in A major, is
                                                                     slow and florid with the oboe written to high e’’.  The other
                                                                     sections are less demanding.
Genevan Psalm 150, The                           This is a three movement work, with a solo in the second
                                                                     movement for either soprano or oboe.  The solo is quite florid
                                                                     and seemingly more appropriate for oboe than soprano.  
Geseg’n Dich Gott, Mein Schones Lieb    This is a six movement work featuring string bass and flute /
                                                                       oboe as solo instrument.  Due to some of the high tessitura,
                                                                       flute is probably a better choice.  The part is, however,  quite
                                                                       playable by oboe to high eb’’.  
Gift Of Finest Wheat                                   As with most Stroope scores, the oboe part is melodically and
                                                                       musically very rewarding to play.  One high eb’’ is present in
                                                                       the melodic line.
Glory Of God, Around, Around                Very easy quarter note part.
Glory Of The Lord, The                             An oboe part occurs in Nos. 1,3,5,&8.  Much is repetitious,
                                                                      while #8 contains material resembling a shepherd's pipe
God                                                               A contemporary work in free and changing meters.  English
                                                                       horn is the only pitched accompaniment, so the choir needs to
                                                                       hold pitch through long periods when the English horn does
                                                                       not play.  Technically  and rhythmically demanding for
                                                                       English horn and singers.
God Is My Shepherd                                   The figurations in the oboe part bear a striking resemblance
            (Vree)                                                to the Moore score of the same text.  The key of E major
                                                                       distinguishes the two.
God Is My Shepherd                                   The figurations in the oboe part bear a striking resemblance
             (Moore)                                            to the Vree score of the same text.  The key of D major
                                                                       distinguishes the two.
God Of Abraham Praise, The                    Dance-like 16ths in staccato style serve as a prelude to the
                                                                       choral entrance.  Continues briefly with singers.  Later oboe
                                                                       repeats material from the beginning.
God of Justice, God of Mercy                    An easy part.  Oboe is not involved until the 3rd verse and
God Of Love My Shepherd, The                A nicely written part which progresses from D major through
                                                                       Bb major, and finally E major.  Modest technical demands.
God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen              A quick, articulated sixteenth note motive begins the work
                                                                       and is repeated a second time in E minor.  One more
                                                                       repetition is written in C minor.  Technically quite easy.
God Weeps With Us                                    Mid register playing in quarter notes.  Very easy.
Goemanne                                                     This is an easy work to play.  The Sanctus, however, has some
                                                                        sixteenth note passage work which incorporates high e’’.
                                                                        Taken in technique, this may require preparation.
Good Shepherd, The                                     A very easy, slow 6/8 theme  repeats twice and ends the work.
Good Shepherd, The                                    An interesting sixteenth note motive throughout.  This is
            (Tomanek)                                         interspersed with a longer note melody in the middle sections.  
                                                                        While either for flute or oboe, the range is far superior for
Gracious Father, Come & Hear Us Pray    The oboe repeats a fairly easy melody three times.
Greater Love                                                  As the only accompanying instrument, the oboe plays
                                                                         without break throughout the work.  After continuous
                                                                          playing, rapid ascending passages occur, one beginning on
                                                                          low Bb, not the best note on the oboe.  A difficult work.
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah               This score is a satisfying musical experience for the oboist.
                                                                         The range and melodic content are excellent and compliment
                                                                         the choral part.  Introduction and ending are very nice for
Habitable Earth, The                                    This lengthy work in three movements is very difficult.
                                                                        Many changing meters, including wide leaps in the oboe part
                                                                        contribute to the difficulty.  To coordinate with keyboard and
                                                                        choir would be a challenge.
He Shall Give His Angels Charge                The oboe part is quite easy with melodic repetitions
                Over You                                        throughout.  Unfortunately, the oboe part must be
                                                                         purchased separately.
He That Is Down Need Fear No Fall           Pastoral oboe part requiring interpretive freedom.  Fun to
                                                                         play, both as duet with soprano and as accompaniment to
                                                                         the chorus.  Some cadenza-like passages.
Hear Us, Holy Spirit                                     The oboe joins the chorus for verses 7, 8, and 9.  The part is
                                                                         very easy and only 24 measures long.
Heart’s Desire, The                                       The oboe begins the work on low c in F major,  then repeats
                                                                         the opening material beginning on low d in G major, finally
                                                                         arriving at Bb major to conclude the work.  An interesting
                                                                         part primarily in triplets.
Heavenly Harmony                                        Heavenly Harmony is the first movement of the five
                                                                         movement Ode to St. Cecilia.  Flute and oboe are specified
                                                                         and play a repeating sixteenth note figure in thirds and
                                                                         sixths.  Oboe plays only this movement.
Here Am I, O Lord                                        This is not a difficult part, but following the instructions
                                                                         indicating when to play may be a challenge.  The inclusion of
                                                                         an oboe part would be very helpful.
Here I Am, Lord                                            This is a nicely written oboe part until the middle of the
                                                                         work when high f’’, eb’’, and db’’ are inserted.  This is
                                                                         better for flute at this point.  In addition, the high fingerings
                                                                         are difficult in Ab.
Here’s One                                                      Requires sensitive low register playing.  This is a relatively
                                                                         short part; however, it offers a fine stylistic and lyrical
                                                                         opportunity for oboe.
Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face To        An easy, but effective oboe part, aided by the inclusion of a
Face     (Swenson)                                         separate oboe part making the entrances and repetitions
                                                                         very clear.
Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face To         Very easy.  Verses 1,2,& 7 use oboe descant in quarter and
 Face     (Schalk)                                              half notes.  Effective.
Herr Gott, Dich Loben Alle Wir  Op.84      Six movements.  Oboe serves as slow-moving imitative voice
                                                                         with viola and cello in movements 1,2,3,4,&6.  In #5, the oboe
                                                                         accompanies the baritone soloist in widely-spaced lyric-style.
Holy Child                                                      Oboe begins the work with an easy melody.  Then an
                                                                         instruction appears to be tacet if solo voice is used.  No
                                                                         indication is apparent as to when to play again, if ever.
Holy Jesus, How HastThou Offended?        Easy, lyrical descant throughout.  Intro & interlude are
                                                                         organ and oboe only.
How Beautiful Upon The Mountains          Good lyrical style in thirds for two oboes.  One oboe
                                                                         featured in center section.  Chromatic, but easy.
How Far Is It To Bethlehem?                       Easy, ethereal part for oboe.  Repetition of a six-measure
                                                                         phrase is effective, especially with harp.
How Long, O Lord                                        Oboe part written in an expressive range.  Very musical
                                                                         part, with rhythmic variety.
How Still He Rests                                          A very lyrical part for oboe.  The oboist plays throughout,
                                                                          demanding considerable control.  A wonderfully effective
                                                                          part with wind chimes.
Hush You, My Baby                                       The oboe plays a nice countermelody throughout.  One
                                                                          awkward turn from low c to db occurs in the middle of the
I Am Content!                                                 Easy, rhythmic part which meshes with the organ rhythm.
                                                                          Precedes and follows voice parts.
I Am The Living Bread                                 An easy oboe part which progresses through 12 key changes,
                                                                         including Db and E major.
I Bind My Heart                                             Imitation and octaves between flute and oboe make up the
                                                                         major portion of the work.   Changing from 4/4 to 3/4 occurs
                                                                         without a reminder marking.   Be careful to catch the
I Come To Thee, Jesus                                 An easy legato part for oboe.  Younger oboists may play this
                                                                        with caution in the opening key of Ab.
I Have Longed                                               The oboe part is minimal.  Both the oboe and cello are
                                                                         printed separately, but the parts do not appear in the vocal
I Lift My Eyes To The Quiet Hills               This part is quite easy, but it does require high d’’.
I Lift Up Mine Eyes                                       Easy range and key.  Beautifully written for flute and oboe
                                                                         in 3rds and 6ths and imitation.  Lyrical.
I Never Saw Another Butterfly                    A good opportunity for expressive performance.  Four of the
                                                                         five poems contain oboe and each is in a different style.
                                                                         Lyrical leaps and chromaticism are found throughout.
                                                                         Musically challenging.
I walk with Angels                                        An opportunity for two oboists to perform in an easy
                                                                        Baroque-style work.  Suspensions between oboes contribute
                                                                        to the musicality.
I’ll Give My Love An Apple                        This is an attractive oboe part in Eb.  Be prepared for many
                                                                         left hand Eb’s.
In Just Five Days                                           The oboe has a two-measure solo opening, but thereafter
                                                                         only plays countermelody to the singers.
In The Bleak Midwinter, Long Ago            This is a very easy part, but is not indicated in the vocal
In The Shadow Of Your Winds                   While being a little tricky in the key of E major,  the oboe is a
                                                                         beautiful compliment to the voices.  A pleasure to play.
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly                            Very easy oboe part.  Not designed to be played on organ
                                                                         without strings.  Excellent instrumental scoring.
Inscription Of Hope                                       As with other Stroope works, Inscription is very musical for
                                                                         instruments and voices.  The combinations, particularly with
                                                                         strings, make this a rewarding musical experience.
Instruments of Peace                                     Lyrical 6/8 with meter changes.  Relatively easy, but
                                                                         important and musical part.  Quodlibet theme is an Italian
                                                                         Christmas carol "Canzone D'Zampognari".
Istarski Scherzo                                             Rhythmic and moderately technical.  Articulated
                                                                         throughout.  Tenor clef is prevalent in bassoons.
Jauchzet Dem Herrn, Alle Welt                   Good, idiomatic scoring for oboes.  The parts are usually in
                                                                         thirds.  Some 16ths and 32nds are found in the scoring.  The
                                                                         work is moderately difficult.
Jerusalem, My Happy Home                       Awkward fingerings in Ab major and challenging rhythms
                                                                         increase the difficulty of this part.
Jesu, Meine Freude                                       Oboe simply doubles the sopranos throughout with long
                                                                         notes.  Strings have the interesting parts.
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring                         Well-known continuous eighth note figure suggested for
                                                                         violins and two oboes in unison.  Instruments play from the
                                                                         organ score.
Jesus, Jesus, Light From Light                    A very easy 12-measure phrase repeated throughout.
Jesus, My All, To Heaven Is Gone              Not easy, but very musical part for oboe.  Opening and
                                                                        ending are solo with all other playing over the choir.
Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine                      Easy melody and descant in a comfortable register.  Quite
                                                                        suitable for a younger player.  Nice solo opportunity.
Journey Of Mary, The                                 Modest technique required in a musical part.  Contains many
                                                                        grace notes.
Journey Of The Magi                                   This is an extensive oboe part with proportional rhythms
                                                                        throughout.  The voices will depend on the oboe for pitches.
                                                                        A difficult work for ensemble among harp, oboe, and chorus.
Jubilee Mass                                                 This mass setting contains seven sections representing a
                                                                         “collection of liturgical settings” according to the composer.
                                                                       The oboe is involved in four with French horn involved in the
                                                                       other three.  The oboe part is nicely written in a very playable
Justice Shall Fourish                                   16 measures of very easy playing in quarter and half notes.
Keep Us In Your Sight                                Oboe plays with descanting soloist and then with choir.  An
                                                                       easy part for oboe.
King Of Love My Shepherd is, The          The extensive part for oboe would be far better with some
                                                                       slurring included to enhance the phrasing.  An attractive part
                                                                       including the main melody and countermelody.    
King Shall Come When Morning              Good lyrical writing for oboe.  The key of Ab requires some
               Dawns, The                                    alternate fingers.  c-d flat is difficult.
King Shall Come, The                                The oboe provides a countermelody throughout in the key of A
                                                                       major which ultimately ends in C major.  Not difficult.
Knight Of Bethlehem                                  Easy 6/8 pattern in a limited range.  Suitable for a young
Kyrie                                                             The notes suggest an orchestral version is available.  In this
                                                                       version the oboe plays in a very low register  for ten measures
                                                                        in the middle of the work
La Lune Blanche                                         Contemporary, lyrical part written in many wide leaps.
                                                                      Demands sensitivity and control.  Very chromatic.  Nice
                                                                      expressive opportunity.
Landscapes                                                  Each of three interludes becomes more animated, with #3
                                                                      incorporating 32nd notes. Expressive and effective use of oboe.
Lenten Song                                                An interesting part requiring sensitivity and a good rhythmic
                                                                      sense.  16ths, quintuplets, and quarter note triplets are
                                                                      included.  Excellent register for solo oboe.
Let My Tongue Be Silent                          After playing the melody as an introduction, the oboe continues
                                                                     with a countermelody.  An easy part for oboe.
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled             An interesting part with some effective meter changes.  
Let Us Break bread Together                   A  plaintive melody for oboe begins the piece and recurs
                                                                      frequently.  Very easy, but nice part.
Let’s Touch The Sky                                  An interesting work with flute, oboe, and bassoon as the only
                                                                      accompaniment.  All three parts are rhythmically  challenging,
                                                                      but the flute part is the most difficult.
Life Giving Bread Saving Cup                  Quite easy, except last refrain of 16ths.  Mostly lyrical.
Life Of Praise, The                                    We expect the music of John Leavitt to be of high quality. and
                                                                     this work is no exception.  Oboe is effective beginning the work
                                                                     and answering  the choral phrases throughout.  
Lift Up Your Eyes To Calvary                This work is deceptive.  High register entrances plus a high e’’
                                                                    will surprise you.  The works presents some nice soloistic
                                                                    opportunities if your high register is secure.
Like Noah’s Weary Dove                         Good oboe range.  The key of Ab is somewhat awkward.
                                                                   Definitely optional since the oboe doubles the soprano line of the
Little Child So Lowly, A                           Lyrical oboe part, relatively easy in each section.  The Ab
                                                                    section will be more challenging for a younger player.
Little Grey Donkey                                  Very easy part in canon and thirds.  Primarily quarter notes in
                                                                    a low range.
Little Heart Of Ages                                A minimal, very easy part for oboe.
Little Town Of Bethlehem O                  The oboe has the melody in the middle of this work and is
                                                                   accompanied by tenors in thirds.  An easy part, but interesting
Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming             The high tessitura makes this part more appropriate for flute.
Lord Is My Shepherd, The                     This is the sixth movement of the Rutter Requiem.  This version
                                                                   for organ and oboe is very effective.  The original includes harp,
                                                                   which is an excellent companion to the oboe.  This is one of the
                                                                  most beautiful settings for oboe and voices.
Lord Jesus From Your Wounded         A very easy part for either trumpet or oboe.
Lord My Shepherd lIs, The                   A musically demanding part for oboe.  Wide leaps with many
                                                                  interpretative opportunities.  Fun for the oboist.
Lord Of all Hopefulness                         The opening 35 measures feature the oboe as soloist.  The part
                                                                   progresses to high eb’’.  
Lord, Keep Us Steadfast In                     12 measures of very easy playing.
Your Word
Lord, Take My Hand                               Except for the first four measures, the oboe doubles the
Lord, Thee I Love WithAll My Heart    Written for either oboe or trumpet.  The opening and ending
                                                                    are very trumpet-like, but the range reaches high c’’.
                                                                    Considering this, oboe is probably a better choice.
Love And Joy                                            Only the second carol, "O Little Town of Bethlehem" has oboe.
                                                                    This carol has a minimal part in sixths with the tenor section
                                                                    solo descanting the oboe solo.  Oboe descants the last 14
Love Divine, Oh                                        This is a relatively easy oboe part which would be very effective
                                                                    when accompanied by strings as in the original version from
Lover In Christ                                         Interesting ritornello part for oboe.  Moderately easy in a
                                                                    Baroque style.
Lullay,Dear Jesus                                     Effective lyrical descant over four part chorus.  Easy range.
Maa Bonny Lad                                        A three measure melody is used as introduction, interlude, and
                                                                    ending.  Easy, but effective work.
Macarthur Park                                       The oboe part is limited to two short (five and six measure)
                                                                    interludes.  Both interludes are well-known themes.
Magnificat                                                 Five repetitions of a four-measure fanfare.  Sixteenths are
               (Cheponnis)                                somewhat awkward in Ab.
Magnificat                                                The oboe part is not extensive, but several sections in the center
             (McCray)                                      of the work provide a nice solo, cadenza-like opportunity over a
                                                                    sustained chord in the organ.
Magnificat                                                The marimba serves as the keyboard player, and the oboe plays
            (Ellingboe)                                    an extensive and important part throughout.    At times the oboe
                                                                   is treated as a solo, and at other times as countermelody to the
                                                                  women.  An impressive work for the oboist.
Magnificat                                                Written for two oboes, two bassoons and harp.  Unfortunately,
             (Pinkham)                                    the score does not show the oboe or bassoon parts.  Frequent
                                                                   changing meters appear to make this a challenging work.
Make We Joy In Christ                           Fairly technical part, which is primarily 16th notes.  Some
                                                                   rhythmic interest.
Many Years Ago                                     Ambitious descant - lyrical 16ths throughout, including solo oboe
                                                                  with piano during interludes.
Maria Wanders Through The Thorn    The oboe has the principal theme for ten measures in the middle
                                                                   of the arrangement with organ and finger cymbals.  Oboe ends
                                                                   the arrangement with a two-measure tag.  Minimal part.
Mater Admirabilis Chapel, The            The oboe and harp provide the accompaniment.  While the oboe
                                                                  part is not difficult, it is prominent throughout with only short
                                                                  punctuating chords on harp.  This is an excellent combination
                                                                  with chorus.  
Missa Brevis                                            Scored for English horn and flute without keyboard.  This work
                                                                 appears to be written in minimal style with many, many repeated
                                                                 patterns in flute and English horn.  A challenging contemporary
                                                                 style composition.
Music, When Soft Voices Die                This is the third piece in a set of four.  In each the oboe part is
                                                                  extensive.   Each is fun to play and musically very rewarding.
Musings                                                    This is a challenging work with the oboe as the only
                                                                   accompanying instrument.  Not only is it necessary for the choir
                                                                   to maintain pitch without the oboe, the final section in 6 sharps
                                                                   is a challenge for the oboist.  Regardless of difficulty, this is an
                                                                   excellent work worth the effort to perform.
My Dancing Day                                     The oboe repeats the same dance figure approximately five times
                                                                   in this work.  The part is quite easy.
My Faith Looks Up To Thee                  An easy part based on the hymn.  Used with the choir and as a
              (Whitworth)                                ritornello.
My Faith Looks Up To Thee                 The  repeated figure in the oboe is a newly composed mixture of
                (Derkson)                                 eighth and sixteenth notes to serve as accompaniment to the    
                                                                  melody.  While much is fairly easy, the leap to high f’’, which
                                                                  occurs twice, may cause some concern.  
My Lord, Why Does He Have                A minimal part consisting of three statements of the six-measure
                    To Die?                                  principal theme, limited to quarter notes and a few eighths.
My Love Song                                          The oboe plays  continuously with no rest for 40 measures in a
                                                                   range from low B to high d’’.  The part is not difficult, just long.
My Soul Is Thirsting                               The oboe is used to double the sopranos an octave higher.  The
                                                                   part is continuous and frequently reaches high e’’.  This is not
                                                                   the most advantageous use of the oboe.
Night Dove                                                The oboe has a cadenza-like opening followed by some high
                                                                    register playing to high eb”, e”,  and f”  in technique.   A
                                                                    challenging part requiring preparation for the high register
Nightingales, The                                      Challenging rhythmically (3 against 4).  Is also quite high - to
                                                                     e".  An extensive part with real soloistic opportunities.
No Mark                                                    Cecil Effinger is obviously very comfortable with oboe writing.
                                                                    The tessitura and fingering patterns are excellent, allowing the
                                                                    oboist great freedom for interpretation.  
                                                                    The five Effinger works in this bibliography each are very well
                                                                    done for oboe.
No Weight Of Gold Or Silver                  A very easy part featuring oboe in the introduction and ending,
                                                                    with a small part in the middle of the work.
Noah’s Ark                                                Oboe is the only accompanying instrument, and it is required to
                                                                     play the full 4 minutes and 30 seconds.  Since the chorus is            
                                                                    speaking only, retaining pitch is not a problem.  Glisses and
                                                                    slides are indicated in the oboe part.  The composer expects the
                                                                    oboist to be familiar with some new sounds for woodwinds.
Noel, Let Us Sing Noel                             This work combines two carols in an interesting style.  The oboe
                                                                    part is nicely written, but would benefit from some judicious
                                                                    slurs.  I doubt that the articulation of every note  is intended.
Noon                                                          Truly soloistic for oboe with modest cadenza-like passages.
                                                                   Very lyrical and moderately difficult.
Not My Will, But Thine                           While indicated for either oboe or flute, the low tessitura would
                                                                    seem to favor the oboe.  This is a repetition of the same easy
                                                                    melody four times, with a couple of extensions.
Not Unto Us, O Lord                                Very short and very easy to play.
Now Thank We All Our God                   The oboe and continuo must be purchased separately.  The
                                                                     choral part would seem to indicate two oboes in thirds. This
                                                                     Bach work is a transcription and therefore worth mentioning.
Now We Have Received                            Trumpet-style with arpeggiated quarters.  The composer
                                                                     suggests the use of oboe with a small choir.
Nowell, ThyLaud Is Exalted                     Parts for oboes, Violin, Viola and Cello are available from the
                                                                     publisher.  The instrumental parts in the score are minimal.  It
                                                                     would appear to be of moderate difficulty.
O Christ, You Wept                                  An easy, short part which reaches high d” at one point.
O Most Holy, One And Only                   The part consists mostly of G major sixteenth note scales.  It
                                                                    does progress to high d” at one point.
Oboe Darkness                                          This work requires a sophisticated oboist to handle the cadenza
                                                                     passages and technique.  Ensemble presents another problem
                                                                     with coordination with a variety of percussion instruments
                                                                     and keyboard.  An excellent work,  but very challenging.
Of The Fathers Love Begotten                 Excellent register and writing for oboe.  Chantlike, unmetered
                                                                     rhythm matches soprano and alto.  Very free meter.
On Christmas Morning Children Sing    The part is quite easy.  Unfortunately, it requires playing
                                                                     throughout.  Some rest for the oboist would be advised.
On Jordan’s Bank The Baptist’s Cry       The oboist plays varying phrases of the hymn in D major.
                                                                      The four stanzas are very similar and not difficult.
On The Very First Christmas Morning    Easy, lyrical part; some arpeggios in eighth notes.  Both solo
                                                                       and descant included.
One Breath                                                  This is an easy part in Eb.  The oboe plays briefly at the
                                                                      beginning , end, and middle sections.
One Perfect Flower                                      Oboe part contains principal theme and descant.   Harmonic
                                                                       changes provide an interesting and musical part.  This is a
                                                                       very musical setting for oboe and choir.
Orpheus With His Lute                              Tenor clef prominent in the moderately high cello part.  Oboe
                                                                       and cello begin and end the work with the main theme.  The
                                                                       choral sections contain oboe and cello as descanters.
Oxen, The                                                     The oboe provides a nicely written melody to this work.  The
                                                                       key of E major modulating to Ab  may present a challenge to
                                                                       the younger player.
Pan, Op. 32                                                   Contains moderately technical cadenza with soprano solo.
                                                                       Exposed, interesting part requiring good solo abilities.
Passage                                                          Oboe is assigned an opening melody, and then has a
                                                                       complimentary countermelody to the voice parts.  A turn to B
                                                                        major may be worth some preparation from the oboist.  As
                                                                        with other Stroope scores, this work is another excellent
                                                                        addition to the choral repertory.
Pastorale                                                        This is a very difficult work for English horn as the only
                                                                        accompanying instrument.   The tessitura explores the
                                                                        English horn to its fullest capabilities.  Demanding
                                                                        chromatic, technical passages are prevalent throughout.  This
                                                                        work will demand a great deal of careful preparation.
Pat-a-Pan                                                       Effective for oboe as written, or flute an octave higher.
                                                                        Technically very easy and in an excellent range.  The lack of
                                                                        a separate oboe part makes performance difficult, requiring
                                                                        four spread copies.
Peace be WithYou                                         The composer of this work assumes that  a very sophisticated
                                                                         choir will be available for performance.  In my experience,
                                                                         5/8 and 7/8 meters mixed with other meters are not easily
                                                                         done by amateur church choirs. While the oboe part is not
                                                                         difficult, the changing meters will be a challenge.
People Of The Night                                       Parts for two oboes and strings are not shown in the score.
                                                                         Available from the publisher.
Pilgrimage Psalm                                            Very easy - mixture of slurred quarters, eighths, and four
                                                                          sixteenths.  Contains a four-measure solo opening.
Piping Down The Valleys Wild:                    This is an extensive oboe part requiring the oboist to play
                No. 4 In A Set.                                  non-stop throughout.  The “piping” part is in Ab and is a
                                                                           little awkward to high eb”.  This is a good showcase for an
                                                                           accomplished oboist.
Prayer Litany                                                   At first glance, the oboe part appears to be quite difficult
                                                                           since it is totally in 16th note passages.  The fingerings,
                                                                           however, are quite easy and in a comfortable key.
Procession (The)                                              The oboe part is basically a repetition in four keys.  The Eb
                                                                           minor segment becomes challenging because of six flats.
                                                                           New material for the conclusion is in this key.  Interesting
Psalm 1                                                             This work specifies solo oboe and mixed quartet (four voice
                                                                           parts) with no keyboard.  The oboe part is extensive with
                                                                           the singers relying on pitches from the oboe.   The oboe is
                                                                           truly featured and would be fun to play.
Psalm 37                                                            Lyrical 4-measure pattern repeated seven times.
                                                                           Very easy; no variety.  (Marked "gently flowing".)
Psalm 42                                                            The countermelody throughout is based on the opening
                                                                            between oboe and piano.  The part is quite easy and in a
                                                                            comfortable key.
Psalm 100:  Processional Hymn                      Oboe has very easy part in a duet with women.
Psalm 103                                                          This work features interplay between clarinet and oboe as
                                                                            accompaniment to the choir.  Both parts are quite
                                                                            ambitious with the clarinet ending on high F#.
Psalm 104 (Lord, Send Forth Your Spirit)    Difficult to find the oboe solo in the score.  A limited, very
                                                                            easy part, consisting of only 12 measures.
Psalm 139                                                          This is an interesting work blending speaking by choir and
                                                                            congregation with improvisation by the oboist.  To
                                                                           adequately prepare all forces to do this work maybe a
Psalm 150                                                         The oboe part is very trumpet-like in character and would
                                                                           seem more suited for that instrument.  The text is
                                                                           “Hallelujah,” which seems to reinforce the trumpet
                                                                           character of the work.  Technically, the work is very
                                                                           playable on oboe.
Psalm XXX: At The Dedication                     The English horn and flute parts are very chant-like in
                   Of The House                                style, with every measure a changing meter.  The parts
                                                                           need to be ordered from the publisher since they are
                                                                           virtually unreadable because of the miniature size of the
                                                                           score.  In addition, the parts are quite difficult.
Reeds Of Innocence                                         The oboe part contributes nice variety of 16ths and longer
                                                                           notes in 6/4.   The longer notes might benefit from a few
                                                                           more slurs, at the discretion of the performer. Also
                                                                           available for chamber orchestra and oboe.
Rejoice And Be Merry                                    Dance-like.  Easy oboe part in a good register.  Some
                                                                           interesting hemiola.
Rejoice In The Lord Always                          Much of this work features the oboe with various solo
                                                                           sections of the choir.  An interesting, but effective
                                                                           technique,  not often observed in these works.
Requiem Fur Lebende                                    It is unusual to have piccolo/oboe, string bass as the
                                                                           accompanying instruments, without keyboard.  A variety of
                                                                           percussion instruments are also included.  The oboe part is
                                                                           very easy, but appears to be doubled by piccolo most of the
Requiescat                                                        A 5/8-6/8 pattern is the basis for the melodic content of this
                                                                           work.  Clarinet and oboe play F minor ascending eighth
                                                                           note figures through much of the work.  Not difficult.  
Rifugio                                                              In addition to being a non-metric eight-part chorus, the
                                                                           oboe with three percussion instruments performs new
                                                                           sounds for woodwinds and extends the oboe register to high
                                                                           G#”.  A very difficult work to perform.
Risen Lord, O                                                   Oboe doubles soprano line of the keyboard throughout.
                                                                           Technically easy.
Robin, The                                                        While flute is mentioned first as accompaniment with cello,
                                                                            oboe may be a better choice  because of the relatively low
                                                                            tessitura of the flute part.  No keyboard is involved, so cello
                                                                            and oboe must establish pitch for the singers.
Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers                English horn and cello are the only two accompanying
                                                                           instruments.  The English horn part is not terribly difficult,
                                                                           but does reside on low B for the greater part of the work.
                                                                           The combination with cello is rather nice.
San Rocco                                                          While the choice of oboe d’amore is interesting, oboe
                                                                            would probably work as well.  Minimal percussion and
                                                                            oboe d’amore are the only two accompanying instruments
                                                                            here.  The oboe d’amore seems to take a minimalistic
                                                                            approach with the same melodic pattern repeated
Savior, Rend The Heavens Wide, O              An easy oboe descant which occurs at the beginning and in
                                                                           the last verse.
Search Me, O God                                            Four flats in the signature with a low tessitura makes this
                                                                           work somewhat challenging.  Many low c’s begin phrases at
                                                                           the mp dynamic.  The part is fairly extensive and
                                                                           interesting to play.  
See Amid The Winter’s Snow                         The part is quite easy, but would be enhanced by the
                                                                            addition of a few slurs.
Seven Greek Pastoral Scenes                          While scored for oboe, harp, and strings, the full score
                                                                            provides no indication of the oboe part.  It appears to be an
                                                                            excellent work
Seven Sea Poems                                              Although scored for strings with oboe and English horn
                                                                            obbligato, the score shows no definitive oboe or English
                                                                            horn parts. It appears to be an excellent work.
Shepherds Had An Angel, The                       The English horn appears to be an excellent choice as the
                                                                            only accompanying instrument in this work.  The range is
                                                                            perfect, as is the style of the writing.  No keyboard is called
Shepherds Went Their Hasty Way, The         Arpeggiated, slurred figures in 16ths.  Some solo, some
                                                                             descant.  An interesting part.
Shepherds, Rouse You Quickly                        At this tempo, the slurred eighth-note leaps are
                                                                              challenging.  More than a descant.
Show Me Thy Ways                                           A beautiful work for oboe.  Lyrical, and very well-written.
                                                                              One of the finest examples in this listing.
Silent Night                                                         A repeating six-measure legato phrase beginning on b''
                                                                             for oboe recurs throughout.  One contrasting section is in
                                                                              a low range.  Some 16ths occur.
Sing To The Lord Of Harvest                          A few grace notes and sixteenths add to this legato line.
                                                                             Oboe part precedes choral entrance and continues with
                                                                             countermelody during the choral part.
Sixth Symphonie                                                This three-movement work is written for wordless chorus
                                                                             with oboe & cello accompaniment.  Apparently, Milhaud
                                                                             wrote works in several languages and finally came to use
                                                                             no text here.  The oboe part is difficult with high F#”
                                                                             taken in technique.  This would be a great showcase for
                                                                             both cello and oboe, since both parts are quite difficult.
Sleep, Tiny Jesus                                               This is nicely scored for oboe and harp.  The oboe part is
                                                                             not difficult and a fine opportunity for a musical
Slumber, O Holy Jesu                                        Intended for flute and oboe, with oboe as the second part.
                                                                             Very minimal and easy for oboe.
So Deep                                                                Oboe and viola join voices in the last three measures.  The
                                                                              instruments continue in a very free, unmeasured style to
                                                                              conclude the work.  The composer indicates that the oboe
                                                                              and viola are “not intended to finish together, and it is
                                                                              immaterial which player ends the piece.”
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless                An opportunity for a very expressive interpretation of a
               Child (Childs)                                       rhythmically challenging part.  32nds, sextuplets,  and
                                                                              triplets included in the rhythmic variety.
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless                 A very minimal part for oboe.  A four measure phrase
               Child (Wagner)                                     repeated at three different times in the work.
Song For The Mira                                             This is a nice opportunity for an oboist.  It contains
                                                                               frequent high d”s; in fact, it ends pianissimo on high d.
                                                                              A very musical part with a variety of technique and
                                                                              slower notes.  
Song Of Praise                                                    A minimal part for flute or oboe.  The part is much better
                                                                              for flute with a consistent range to high f”.
Song Of Solomon                                                 Nicely written for oboe and SATB chorus.  The part is
                                                                               not difficult and provides an excellent opportunity for
                                                                               musical and interpretative playing.
Song Of Thanksgiving                                        The part is in an excellent register for oboe, but is scored
                                                                               for English horn instead.  Only ten measures in the
                                                                               middle of the work are written for English horn.  The
                                                                               part needs to be transposed from the score.
Song Of The Laughing Green Woods                The music alternates between 6/8 and 5/8.  Since the oboe
                                                                                part is quite independent, this will require some
                                                                                rehearsal.  Low Bb and some rapid ascending scales
                                                                                near the end will  provide a challenge to the oboist.  No
                                                                                rest for the oboist from beginning to end may be of some
Sonnet De Ronsard                                               Scored for oboe, English horn, & bassoon without
                                                                                keyboard.  Typical French-style writing for instruments.
                                                                                Some changing meters.
Spirit Of God                                                         Very easy part in an easy register.
Spirit Of God, Descend Upon My Heart            The oboe part is fairly easy in quarter notes.  It begins in
                                                                                 the key of Db, then to E and back to Db.  
Stabat Mater                                                          Thirteen sections, of which #12 is the only one without
                                                                                 oboes or English horns.  All are in easy ranges and most
                                                                                 are written for two oboes or two English horns.  
Stable lamp Is Lighted, A                                    This is quite easy for English horn.  The addition of some
                                                                                slurs would aid in the lyric quality of the part.
Stars And Stones                                                   Nos. 1 and 2 are lyrical with some chromaticism.  #3 in
                                                                                 fast 7/8 presents rhythmic ensemble challenges for oboe
                                                                                 and bassoon.  Many leaps occur in bassoon.
Stepping Westward                                               This is an imaginative part requiring some technical
                                                                                 ability.  The use of marimba rather than keyboard is an
                                                                                 interesting choice.
Supplication, A                                                      Technically, this work is very difficult.  The range is also
                                                                                 very high, ending on high g”.  Only an accomplished
                                                                                 oboist would satisfactorily perform this work.
Sussex Carol                                                         This work was originally scored for English horn and
                                                                                the range is best for that instrument.  The range for oboe
                                                                                or flute is quite low.  The part is not difficult.
Sweet Was The Song                                            Very easy for oboe or clarinet.  Only 10 measures of
Tannenbaum, O                                                    Easy melody with strings, in alternation with soprano
                                                                                and SATB.
Terly Terlow                                                        The work is quite easy with only oboe and cello as
                                                                               accompaniment to the choir.  The range throughout is
                                                                               excellent, until the end, where the oboe ends the work on
                                                                               high e”, at the dynamic of pp.
There Is Sweet Music Here                                A very playable part with a mixture of quarter, eighths,
                                                                               and sixteenths.  Begins with oboe solo and ends with the
                                                                               same motive.
There Is Sweet Music here No. 1                       The range is fine for oboe.  Much of the work is sustained
                                                                               notes to the extent that one wonders about adequate
                                                                               breath or rest.
There Will Be Rest                                              A plaintive quality for oboe.  Graces and slurred drops of
                                                                               a fifth provide an effective accompaniment for the unison
                                                                               vocal parts and as interludes.
This Is My Father’s World                                 This is an extensive oboe part.  The key of E presents
                                                                               some interesting fingering problems at m. 42-43.  
This Is Noel                                                           Oboe plays unaccompanied introduction to each of seven
                                                                                carols.  Last note must be carefully tuned to keyboard.
                                                                                Each is 8-12 measures long, with expressive opportunity.
                                                                                Nice concept; rarely matches style of carol.
Thou  In Whose Presence, O                               Effective quarter and half-note lyrical writing for oboe.
                                                                               The e'' and five d''s elevate the difficulty.  A beautiful
Thou Who Camest From Above, O                    With frequent d'' under slurs, the piece may be more
                                                                                suitable for flute.  Calls for extended playing before and
                                                                                after a center SATB section.
Thou Whose Harmony Is Of The Spheres        Nice sustained-note writing throughout.   The range goes
                                                                               to high eb”, at the end of 31 measures of non-stop
                                                                               playing.  There may be a question of endurance for the
Three Poems                                                        This is a very difficult contemporary work for two oboes
                                                                              with one alternating with English horn.  Pulse is subtitled
                                                                              “after Schoenberg”.  The first entrance for oboe begins on
                                                                              high g”.  Proportional notation occurs in the keyboard
Three Songs Of Innocence                                 Contains g# harmonic in the "The Shepherd".  Oboe part
                                                                               is easy and lyrical in each song.  Violin part is more
Three Zulu Songs                                                The choral parts contain a number of unusual sounds,
                                                                               while the flute and oboe are written in customary style.
                                                                              The third movement requires proportional notation from
                                                                              the instruments.  This work is very contemporary in style.
Through Midnight Silence                                 Mixture of quarters and eighths in legato style, playable
                                                                              by younger student in spite of the key.
To Jesus Who Is King                                        Optional oboe is mostly a melody double, except for a
                                                                              short descant.
Today I Awake                                                    The part appears more appropriate for flute.  It takes
                                                                               high e” in technique and hovers in the high register
Tom O’Bedlam                                                    This is a very ambitious work with oboe and drum as the
                                                                               only accompaniment.  At nearly 300 measures in length,
                                                                               the pitch depends totally on the oboe part.  Many
                                                                               accidentals and changing rhythms occur throughout,
                                                                               making the oboe part a challenge.  Truly a major work
                                                                               for oboe.
Trinity, O Blessed Light, O                                The range of the oboe part is probably more suitable for
                                                                               flute.  The writing stays around high c#” and d” through
                                                                              approximately half of the work.
Turn Ye                                                               This is an easy part consisting of six measure repetition
Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime                   With the exception of a middle section in Ab, this part is
                                                                               quite easy.  
Twenty Third Psalm                                           The notes are not difficult, but the wide leaps are
                                                                               challenging, as well as the constantly changing meters.
                                                                               7/8, 3/4, 11/8, 7/8 represent a change each measure.  This
                                                                               is a contemporary work with many accidentals
Two Songs To Poems Of Mark Strand             Both songs have many changing meters.  The second song
                                                                               in a very fast pace has many meter changes and tempo
                                                                               changes.  Without keyboard, the oboe is extremely
                                                                               important for pitch.  The extensive use of low Bb is not
                                                                               the best note on the oboe.
Unto Us A Boy Is Born                                        Flutes, oboe and drum provide an interesting
                                                                               accompaniment to this carol-like work.  Easy technical
                                                                               passages are present throughout.  The oboe part contains
                                                                               a rhythmic mistake in the second measure on page 5.
Watchman, Tell Us Of The Night                      A truly independent and interesting oboe part.  Oboe
                                                                               plays introduction, then descant and imitation of choral
                                                                               parts.  Some 16ths appear in this very musical part.
                                                                              Written in an excellent register.
We Live A Mystery                                             Easy, lyrical part in an easy key and range.  Half-note
                                                                              descant on Verses 2 & 3.
We Remember, We Believe                               An easy part written for flute or oboe.  The range is
                                                                              much better for oboe.
We Sing Your MightyPower, O God                ("With rugged, persistent beat") - Instrumental part
                                                                              quite rhythmic.  High E is difficult for oboe (especially in
                                                                              8ths and 16ths). Difficult to maintain continuity with drop
                                                                              of octave.
We Thank Thee                                                  The oboe part is in an excellent register. Unfortunately,
                                                                              the part does not appear in the score, only on the included
                                                                              oboe part.
We Three Kings Of Orient Are                         Moderately challenging in technique and rhythm.  Nicely
                                                                              written soloistic oboe part.
Were You There?                                                This is a very contemporary work with “free elaboration
                                                                               of given pitches.”  Changing meters with “chords
                                                                               composed of the given pitches in any arrangement” are
                                                                               typical throughout.  The oboe progresses to high e” with
                                                                               some technique.  A difficult work.
Wexford Carol, The                                            The oboe part is not difficult.  Unfortunately the oboe
                                                                               part does not appear in the score.
What Is This; Fragrance?                                   Easy, but effective for SATB and oboe only.
What Is This Perfume So Appealing?               The oboe part gives the appearance of a keyboard part
                                                                               with 30 measures of eighth notes and no rest.  Low Bb is
                                                                               included several times.  Violin is also suggested and may
                                                                               be a better choice in this work.
What Star Is This?                                              The oboe part is interesting with several key changes and
                                                                               modest accidentals.  This is a good register for oboe.
What Wondrous Love                                         Since there is no keyboard, the choir sings for 15
                                                                               measures before the oboe enters.  After an immediate key
                                                                               change executed by the oboe, the choir again enters.  This
                                                                               work is well written with a nice oboe part.  Pitch stability
                                                                               is the only question.
What Wondrous Love Is This                            Effective for oboe or flute.  Has good rhythmic and
                                                                               lyrical interest.  Good oboe range.
When Came In Flesh The Incarnate Word       Quite low for second oboe.  Low "a" must be raised.
                                                                               Very easy except for range.  Some awkward low
When Jesus Went To Jordan’s Stream             The oboe range is fine with a few accidentals included for
                                                                                interest.  Shortening the phrase by two beats is unusual,
                                                                                but consistent in the work.
Whence Comes This Rush Of Wings Afar?       This is an easy part in quarter and eighth notes,
                                                                                providing no difficulties for the young oboist.
Where Charity And Love Prevail                        Imitation of voice parts.  Very easy.
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks           At 140 per eighth note in 6/8 meter,  this is quite easy.
                                                                               The same phrase is used four times.  Good oboe range.
Wild Bird                                                              This is an interesting combination of oboe and clarinet.
                                                                               The parts are not difficult.  Some changing meter exists,
                                                                               plus different divisions of 6/8.  The transposed clarinet
                                                                               part and oboe part are included.
Winter Carol                                                        A nicely written lyrical part for oboe in an excellent
Winter Solstiee                                                     Easy and  playable part for oboe.  The low B is
                                                                               frequently used and is normally the lowest note in
                                                                               melodic writing for the oboe.  
Winter Wind                                                       This work modulates from G major to E major, and ends
                                                                               back in G.  The E major section has a number of left
                                                                               D#’s, calling for a bit more experience from the oboist.
Wise May Bring Their Learning, The              The oboe plays an easy three measure pattern, which is
                                                                               repeated seven times.
With A Shepherd’s Care                                    This is an easy part for either oboe or flute.  The one high
                                                                               eb” might be more appropriate for flute, since most of
                                                                               the range is fairly high.
With The Voice Of Praise                                  The oboe doubles the melody in the introduction and the
                                                                              sopranos in the chorus.
Wo Gott Zuhaus Nit Gibt Sein Gunst              Opening easy andante in thirds is repeated later.  Verse 1
                 Op. 11 No. 1                                        is trumpet-like.  Verse 3 - Fanfare in changing meter.
                                                                              Verse 5 has arpeggiated sixteenths.  Interesting style  
Wood                                                                    Cadenzas throughout.  Very free part with opportunity
                                                                              for interpretation.
Ye Shepherd’s Come!                                        Very easy part, suitable for a young player.
You Are My Inheritance                                   This is very easy and could be performed by a younger
You Shall Love The Lord Your God               The oboe provides introduction, interludes, and ending in
                                                                             various keys.  The augmented second lends a Hebraic
                                                                             quality to the oboe.  Moderately difficult in these keys.  A
                                                                             nice stylistic opportunity.